Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cell Phone store

I drew this while waiting for an oil change.  I really like this one, i love Scurrow's demeanor and facial expressions, he just seems like a douche bag and the lady behind the counter just seems cheery and oblivious.  Also, I love the whole Jester hat/sports jacket look.  

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Snapneckduck said...

A - red
B - Yellow
C- white
D - Green
E - Blue
F - Brown
G - lighter green
H - Orange/brown
I - Yellow/orange
J - Dark purple/black
K - Blue
L - black
M - Doesn't have a color
N - Orange
O - Light yellow/beige
P - green
Q - Purple
R - black
S - Light pink
T - Red
U - White
V - green
W - brown
X - black?
Y - Grey
Z - Orange