Sunday, October 24, 2010

Map Adventure

The ghetto is an abstract and ever-moving place.   I'm not sure an internet map site, even with the best tracking equipment, could implement something like this.  Also, my apartment's not ghetto but the one next to me is.
If anything, I'd say the moon is the most ghetto place ever, since there's not even air there.

This blue duck is the character I've named this entire blog after.  He's a suicidal duck.  In early comics, he would end every single comic by snapping his own neck.  That got a bit tedious and really, where can you go with that punchline?   Now he hangs around the ghetto collecting unemployment.  His friend is named Punkwolf, a character i met on the furaffinity website (
My comics get better, I promise.  This is from over a year ago.

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